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2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Charging



With the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the growing buzz around the upcoming 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS, it’s no wonder that you’re looking to learn more about EV charging stations or searching “how to charge your EV at home.” Turn to the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle guide at Mercedes-Benz Newmarket to learn more about the types of charging stations and how to prepare for an EV charging home station for your Aurora-area household. Contact us if you have any questions about what you can do to prepare for an all-electric Mercedes-Benz.

Electric Vehicles Guide: Type of Charging Stations

There are a couple of ways to charge your EV around Mercedes-Benz Newmarket, however, the charging times can vary depending on which charging station you choose.

Level 1 Charging

Level 1 EV charging stations use basic household electrical currents of 110-120-volt AC, however, they can be quite slow. For example, EVs with 332 kilometres of range on a full battery can take 50 hours to fully recharge the car. This charging is often recommended for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 units use 240-volt circuits, which is the equivalent to the power used for an electric clothes dryer, whoever those circuits are often found in laundry rooms. To establish convenient EV charging at home, shoppers often hire an electrician to run a 240-volt circuit to their garage. An EV with 332 kilometres of range can recharge the battery in about 12 hours or less with a Level 2 station.

Level 3 Charging

Level 3 charging stations allow for DC Fast Charging and are often the public charges found around Toronto. While some stations can charge an EV to full in an hour or less, they’re expensive options for EV charging home stations at around $50,000 with a more expensive electrical cost that is likely not approved for residential homes.

Electric Vehicles Guide: Charging Your EV

Now that you have an idea of the type of charging stations, let’s explore how you charge your Mercedes-Benz EV around Markham and how to charge your EV at home.

Public Charging

On top of the growing number of public stations listed through Plug’n Drive or Chargehub, Mercedes All-Electric drivers have access to 4,900 public charging ports across Canada and 2,400 semi-public ports through the Mercedes me Charge ecosystem. This makes cross-country trips and long trips around Aurora worry-free.

At-Home Charging

If you’re interested in how to charge your EV at home, you can use the plug standard with the vehicle that easily works with Level 1 home outlets or plan a Level 2 charging station set up with an electric for convenient charging overnight.

As you step into the future with an EV, Mercedes-Benz Canada is making sure your EV charging at home is an easy transition by partnering with FLO and Qmerit to provide premium charging stations and to optimize your home installation experience.

Learn More About Mercedes-Benz EV Models with Mercedes-Benz Newmarket!

If you have any questions about home charging or other tips in our Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle guide, talk to the team at Mercedes-Benz Newmarket. Our finance centre team is ready to discuss how an electric vehicle will fit into your budget, then, schedule an appointment to test drive an efficient Mercedes-Benz model today!

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