Why is My Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light On?

check engine light on

If your Mercedes-Benz check engine light is flashing while driving on Markham streets, it’s understandable if you’re worried. You may be wondering, “Can I drive my Mercedes-Benz with the check engine light on?”. The answer is: “Probably.” In most cases, your Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights can switch on a few hundred miles before problems arise. If your Mercedes-Benz warning indicator does come on, you’ll want to schedule for a service appointment at Mercedes-Benz Newmarket soon. We can examine whatever Mercedes-Benz check engine light codes your system triggers in our diagnostic tools and get to the root of the problem in no time.

Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light Causes

There are a few reasons the engine symbol among your Mercedes-Benz warning indicators could be triggered. Take a moment to review the most common culprits below, and if you need help with navigating any issues raised by your Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights, don’t hesitate to contact our service garage!

Oxygen Sensor Warning

A faulty oxygen sensor can cause your Mercedes-Benz check engine light to turn on. Among the long list of Mercedes-Benz check engine light codes, this is one of the more innocuous problems Aurora drivers can have. If you’re wondering, “Can I drive my Mercedes-Benz with the check engine light on?”, you certainly can if this is your problem. That said, you should bring your vehicle in immediately because a faulty oxygen sensor can damage your catalytic converter, which is costly to replace.

Loose-Fitting Gas Cap

If you don’t screw your gas cap in tightly enough, it can set off your Mercedes-Benz check engine light. Obviously, this problem is easy to fix. The one thing to bear in mind, however, is that you may need to reset your Mercedes-Benz engine light. In this case, we recommend you swing by our garage on your lunch break, as the process is a bit more involved (though inexpensive) than you might think!

Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter helps to regulate your emissions. Some of the materials that it’s made of include precious metals that are quite valuable. That means that it can be costly to replace, but it’s necessary. You won’t be able to pass your emissions test without one. Unfortunately, catalytic converters are often stolen due to their high value, so if your Mercedes-Benz warning indicator for the engine goes off, let us double-check to make sure that your catalytic converter is in good shape!

Mass Airflow Sensor

If you haven’t changed your engine’s air filter, you’ll not only set off your engine Mercedes-Benz dashboard light, but you’ll also decrease your fuel economy, acceleration, and increase your emissions. This is a simple fix and incredibly affordable.

Old Spark Plugs

You need to replace your spark plugs every 40,000 km. These plugs create the spark that ignites the fuel in your combustion chamber. If you’ve forgotten to change them out, it can trigger your Mercedes-Benz check engine light, all while decreasing fuel economy, slowing acceleration, creating misfires, and more!

Have Questions About Your Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light?

If you have any questions about Mercedes-Benz check engine light codes, or if your Mercedes-Benz check engine light won’t go off, call Mercedes-Benz Newmarket at 905.853.6868 or contact us online. We’ll answer any of your questions about your Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights and set you up with an appointment, so we can get to the root of why this Mercedes-Benz warning indicator has gone off. While you’re here, be sure to explore our service tips for other helpful reads about Mercedes-Benz service like our handy guide on how to lock and unlock a steering wheel, and how often to replace motor oil!

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